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We all need help from time to time; projects, skills or staffing shortages, they all have a habit of happening when least expected. Coupled with the ever changing economic landscape, fluid and swift competition; there is always the need to not only raise the bar, but sometimes to remove it completely.

Cornerstone Consultancy was originally established in 1995 and builds on the experience of John Sheath who has spent over 30 years in business. Having previously serviced clients in the Isle of Man and London, we are ready to help you achieve the business growth and improvement you desire. Let our expertise and unrivalled business knowledge help you to take that next step. A wealth of contacts across the globe allows you to realise this effectively & efficiently.

A World of Experience

Having trained as an accountant, John moved into manufacturing industry, then to banking and onwards including multi- funds, captive and mutual insurance and broader deposit taking. Over the last few years John has negotiated and obtained a representative office banking licence in Hong Kong; negotiated a branch set up in Jersey, focused on brand growth and identity, not to mention the innovative use of the IOM Post Office as a means of enhancing footprint and service levels. John is extremely well placed to provide your business with the experience and skills needed to develop your business to the next level. Having worked closely with the IOM Government over many years, including being one of the founding members of the Isle of Man Finance Steering Group, John is very well known in Government and industry. As a speaker he has been involved in many events across the global financial theatre including British Chamber of Commerce events in Hong Kong and Singapore. A strong systems knowledge and business savvy allows John to quickly understand and enhance any business. Finally John has also written many articles for various publications and recently became a Chartered Director.  A CV is available here.

A World of Achievement

Amongst other achievements, some in particular merit individual focus: business development skills saw a growth in deposits for one bank over 6 years from £2.1bn to £3.5bn on a £3m cost base, including the launch of an internet channel in 2006: part of 4 man finance sector working party that negotiated and implemented the IOM Government’s Zero-Ten Tax Strategy: first class relationship skills acquired significant new business in excess of £300m: project managed several major system changes both on Island and in London

A World of Opportunity

This depth of experience gained across both manufacturing and financial industries worldwide, provides Cornerstone Consultancy with a strong platform to make a change in your business. Since 1995 Cornerstone is now stronger and with far greater global business acumen and experience.

Whatever your needs, Cornerstone has the skills, experience and contacts to help you.


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